poison oak

damn right, sharon van etten

“there’s nothing wrong when a song ends in a minor key”

—   fiona apple

Kate Middleton meeting Idris Elba is all of us meeting Idris Elba.


Kate Middleton meeting Idris Elba is all of us meeting Idris Elba.

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i know what my halloween costume is now.

the miley effect

everyone and their mom is talking about miley cyrus. i know this post probably seems way too late in the game - i wasn’t expecting the lasting effect of this conversation, as the reverberation of cyrus’ performance and (brilliantly timed) release of her ‘wrecking ball’ video have continued with full force.

what is it about miley cyrus’ 2 month old performance that is sticking, that makes everyone want to weigh in? the conversations have become less about different perspectives of miley cyrus, and more about what constitutes modern day feminism. is she a feminist by owning her sexuality? is she anti-feminist by acting provocatively while operating in a classically patriarchal institution? is she a feminist for owning her patriarchal bargaining power and profiting from it? is sinead o’connor anti-feminist for telling miley cyrus what she should or shouldn’t do, what is empowering and what isn’t? is she contributing to an oppressive environment for women? the effect of miley cyrus’ performance is that it has moved into this larger issue - what does it mean to be a modern day feminist? - and the jury seems to be out on this one.

action bronson, pouches of tuna

thanks alysa for bringing blue chips to my attention. action bronson has amazing instrumentals. like in ‘the symbol,’ the bluesy electric guitar sample. when genres mix - that’s the good stuff.

lauren o’connell, house of the rising sun

i love this song and love how there are so many versions of it out there. this is an excellent version of it and hey who else is too excited for season 3 of american horror story i am.

oh so tortured. roman godfrey is the best part of hemlock grove.

legs, there’s a sadness in my heart